How To Care For Braces

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For successful care of braces, there are three main rules to remember.

For many years, bracket systems have been helping people correct their bite and make their teeth even and beautiful. Throughout its existence, braces have gone from cumbersome clumsy structures that interfered with eating and talking, to thin, almost invisible wires. However, the period of wearing braces, although greatly reduced, is still from several months to several years.

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Throughout this time, it is necessary to carefully monitor the structure in order to achieve the maximum effect from wearing it and not to remove the braces prematurely. To successfully care for braces, you need to remember three main rules: pay attention to hygiene, monitor nutrition and follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

Braces Care: Cleaning

To keep braces for a long time, observe proper oral hygiene. Installation of the system makes some parts of the teeth inaccessible, which provokes the accumulation of food and the appearance of bacteria. In the future, this can cause tooth decay and other problems with the teeth. If you wear a bracket system, you are told to brush your teeth more than the standard twice a day – it is recommended to do it after each meal, combining with rinsing (it is best to rinse with special means).

For a more effective result, use specialized brushes – their shape is designed to clean all hard-to-reach places under the arc. Remember that the duration of cleaning should be at least four minutes.

Mandatory use of dental floss. However, it is highly advisable to use a thread even if you do not have braces. It shows excellent results in removing food particles and plaque from hard to reach places. Remember not to leave pieces of food under it –after removing braces you will not get other problems with your teeth. Therefore, for carriers of the bracket system, the use of a thread plays a particularly important role.

When brushing teeth that have braces, do not forget about caution: the slightest awkward movement can displace the system, because of which it will not work as planned by the doctor, or even damage it. Be careful, thorough and unhurried.

Products to avoid with Braces

First of all, refrain from those foods and drinks that contain dyes. Do not abuse food and sweets that crumble heavily. Reduce your intake of nuts, waffles, sweets, and similar foods. Crumbs easily clog under braces and are difficult to clean out from there. The same is true for sticky foods – forget about chewing gum, jam, marmalade and fresh muffin. Too hard food can damage the structure – say no to nuts, crackers and other similar foods. Therefore, if you want to keep the bracket system intact and your teeth healthy, watch your diet.