Permanent Teeth In A Day

Permanent Teeth In A Day

Same Day New Teeth Procedures

What are All-on-Four Implants?

All-on-Four dental implants allows patients a cost-effective option to replacing either the full upper, or lower, arch. Four precisely placed titanium implants are the foundation for your new smile and allow us to offer a permanent solution on surgery day.

How Does it Work and What’s Involved?

A key factor for the success of All-on-Four is the use of titanium implants. Titanium can fuse to living bone and essentially become a part of the jaw where it was placed. Many patients are under the impression that you need a dental implant for each missing tooth, but that is no longer the case. Using only four titanium implants, precisely placed, is all your need to have a beautiful smile again. Two straight anterior implants and two posterior implants tilted at a 45-degree angle, provide the perfect foundation for a full-arch rehabilitation. By tilting the implants, it allows for bone grafting to be avoided and using the existing available bone.

During the day of the procedure we will create a temporary denture to attach once the titanium posts have been installed. The process is also quick and painless because only four posts will need to be installed and will be done while you’re under anesthesia. Once the procedure is done you can immediately enjoy your new full arch without delay. Once your mouth has healed for approximately six months you will then receive your permanent arch.

What are the Benefits?

Here is a highlight of the key benefits for the All-on-Four implants.

  • With permanent arches you no longer worry about messy and expensive adhesives.
  • Enjoy a more comfortable fit by eliminating the frictions and sores on your gums that come with traditional dentures.
  • Enjoy food without limitations

With these benefits and so much more it’s time you asked for your All-on-Four consultation!